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An ON-GRID installation means that the photovoltaic system operates parallel to the public electricity grid. If the energy stored in the batteries of the solar kit becomes insufficient, the switch to the public grid is done automatically.

This 10KW kit can generate up to 40KW per day (based on maximum sunlight for 5 hours per day) and store 48KW in its batteries.


The kit includes:
• 200W solar panels
• one 96V, 60A controller (2 circuits 30A)
• a 10KW inverter, single phase 110 and 220V.
• 12V 100Ah batteries
• the fixing elements of the panels


We show below the SOLAR L40 kit of 10KW, but are also available solutions from 15 to 30KW. Each project is studied individually, so we will favour a tailor-made service.


Surface area : 5,1m2
Weight : 1500Kg
Solar panel : Single crystal sillicium A grade
Number of panels : 40
Panel power : 200W (peak)
Panel size : 158 x 81 x 3,5cm
Controller power : 96V, 2x30A
Inverter power : 10KW
Distortion : Sinusoidal TDH<5% distortion
Communication interface : RS232
Source : Batteries or public network (if insufficient power)
Efficiency rate : >85%
Inverter protection : DC voltage, overload, short circuit, overvoltages
Batteries : Acid / Lead
Number of batteries : 40
Battery power : 12V 100Ah