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For three decades, a new concept has governed environmental issues: “sustainable development”. It aims to bring together social, environmental, economic and cultural aspects to create a development model that regulates inequalities. This new approach is closely linked to social issues, including the environment and water management.


Fresh water available (0.26% of the world), the only resource used, is in unchanging quantity while the population continues to increase and the demand for water is increasing.


Water is unevenly distributed and consumption varies from country to country: 250 litres per day per capita in North America, 100 to 230 litres in Europe, 150 litres for a Frenchman and less than 10 litres in Sub-Saharan Africa.


During the 21st century, water and water resources will deteriorate. There will be less and less water that can be used without treatment by humans.


It should be noted that in disadvantaged countries, problems of access to water are not always linked to a lack of resources but to a lack of means to make drinking water safe, store and distribute it to the population.


We are committed to distributing the tools and means that make it possible to have access to safe drinking water everywhere in the world. It is now possible to share this wealth while respecting the environment.