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Is fountain water different from ordinary or bottled water?

The water produced by ATMO fountains is equivalent to the best water on earth. Without an industrial process, it does not stagnate and remains pure. Its pH, like its taste, is neutral and its composition is limited to H2O. Melianess is your best source of pure water.

How can I be sure that the water produced by the unit is safe to drink?

The water generated by our fountains passes through a succession of 7 filters that remove materials and particles as fine as 0.01 micron. When it comes out, it is 99% pure.

What are the health benefits?

Thanks to our many filtration processes, the atmospheric water generator produces the best quality drinking water available today. Not only is it pure, it is free of any contaminant, in that it is beneficial to your health.

The multiple filtration process, reverse osmosis and UV treatment eliminate viruses, bacteria, pesticides and heavy metal contaminants. Rich in oxygen, it helps to improve your body’s metabolism.

How long does the water stay in the tank?

Bacteria do not grow quickly in pure, fresh water. Each of our fountains prevents accumulation by performing regular cycles, ensuring that the water remains fresh and pure, ready to drink at any time.

Does the machine overflow when it is full?

Our units have a central computer that can stop production when the tank is full. If a leak accidentally occurs, the sensor will automatically force the unit to turn off.

Is it difficult to install?

All our products are autonomous, they do not need plumbing, pipes or hoses. A simple connection to the mains (if necessary) and an electrical socket are sufficient.

For the rest, the touch screen informs you about air temperature, humidity level, water level and when to change the filters.

What are the energy requirements?

Depending on their performance, our units operate on 220 or 380 Volts and can be adapted to the standards of all countries in the world.

On request, we can also combine them with a photovoltaic solution to provide you with a fully autonomous, economical and environmentally friendly tool.

When to change the filters of a fountain?

Filters will have to be changed every 12 to 18 months, depending on the air quality (for ATMO) or water quality (for HYDRO) at the source. A message will appear on the display. However, you can plan a spare stock, a few cartridges to replace, most of the time done by the owners in all simplicity.

The air filter (for ATMO) must also be checked once a month and changed if necessary.

What are the climatic conditions for a good functioning?

Ideally, the minimum humidity level is 30%, most regions of the world do not go below it. Water production is lower where humidity is reduced. In a lower climate, a humidifier in front of the unit will stimulate your humidity and thus increase your supply of clean water.

Is there enough water in the air to quench my thirst?

It is estimated that 117 quadrillions (117 followed by 24 zeros) of Litres of water are available in the atmosphere. It is the second largest source of water after the oceans (which have the disadvantage of being salty) and it is now possible to exploit it. They are the same molecules as rainwater or snow, so you participate in the water cycle in nature.

What is UV filtration?

Exposure to ultraviolet rays will destroy viruses and bacteria as well as certain organic contaminants without altering the taste or smell of the treated water.